Arthur's Rock

The name Arthur's came from the resort owner of Arthur's resort. It is 10m.-25m. / 33ft.-82ft. in depth, approximately 8 minutes boat ride from the resort.The dive here is normally one way long drift dive when there is current, which is usually slight to moderate current that move southward. Diving  starts from infront of Villa Erika to infront of Arthur's resort. In times of no current condition, diving  returning to the boat is also ideal for this dive spot. Visibility is about 10m.-20m./33ft.-66ft. on good water condition.The dive spot is slight drop off and lot of big boulders of big rocks where some of big groupers and snappers resides in between of these rocks. On the shallow area you will see wide variety of soft corals, sponges , lots of whip corals and some small gorgonians.