5m.-25m. / 16ft.-82ft. in depth, approximately 15 minutes boat ride from the resort.Visibility is from 10m.-30m./33ft.-100ft. The Dive here is 99 percent current dive with current coming from any directions from slight to strong current will be experience. Bahura is a  shallow  reef in the mid ocean about 5m./16ft shallow. This place is not good for beginners but number one favorite of the divers with higher than entry level license. Visibility can be crystal clear on good water condition and it has enormous number of fish underwater. One of the eye catching moment here is the black tip brown reef shark that some time can be seen at even 5m./16ft deep of water. Also a group of tuna and barracuda and occasionally giant spotted eagle ray and manta ray can be encounter. The Dive here is always one way and boat pick up which starts from the shallow point like 5m./16ft. deep of water  and with simultaneous entry, straight down and hide to the drop off side where less to no current is present, but if you encounter current usually follow the current. and it is recommended for the group to exit at the same time with the use of  any floatation bag upon surfacing because of a boat traffic.