Beatrice 1

10m.-30m. / 33ft.-100ft. in depth, approximately 15 minutes boat ride from the resort. Beatrice rock is one big rock in the middle of shallow reef between Sombrero and Beatrice 2 southwest of the Batangas peninsula . Diving condition here and style is pretty much like the same as in Bahura. One  Big boulder of rocks slightly steep drop off to 30m./100ft with  sandy bed and slope to  more than 30m/100ft. deep of water. Big pelagic fish can be seen in this area like Wahoo, Tunas  as well as school of emperor fish, barracuda, and lots of annteas on near or on top of the big rock. It is easier to make an entry here when there's minimum or slight current condition, drop down or negative buoyant backward roll entry is very ideal when diving here with moderate current. Diving can be easily made by a circular path around the rock and normally by making a safety stop on the anchor or buoy line before an exit.