Dive n trek  (giant clams)

3m.-15m./10ft.-50ft. in depth, about 20 minutes by banca boat north of the resort.The area is great for training and snorkeling and all sorts of beginner divers for it has abundance in wide variety of reef and bottom fish. Visibility is 15m. plus, no current on most of the time and ideal for fish feeding. The bottom composition is most rocks mix of hard crush corals, mushroom and slipper corals and the red brain coral. Though it's less in soft coral the site is thickly populated with parrot and sergeant damsel fish, this site have the most numbers of cultured, imported giant clams and locally spawned  clams, as well as lobster holes and a scattered small groups of hovering  crocodile long tom fish, rabbit fish, parrot fish and black surgeon fish, angel fish, and there is only one great napoleon fish or commonly known as maori wrasse. Occasionally you will enjoy watching a pair of laying eggs cattle fish, nurturing and watching over they're laid eggs.