Kirby's rock

5m.-30m / 16ft.-100ft. in depth, 15 minutes by banca boat from the resort. Visibility is from 10m.-20m./33ft.-66ft. Current is slight to moderate moving west ward most of the time. The place is wall diving that starts from the side of the rocky islet  of caban and extend down to the sloped sandy bottom of 30m./100ft  and sloped down again to the abbys. At the bottom of 35m./116ft. deep of water, there is  one big boulder of solid rock laying down where you can find see fans that has many yellow nudibranch attached to it as well as long nose hawk fish and beneath that the same rock you will see many yellow lined and harleyquin sweet lips. This place often visited by black and white frog fish, a golden pygme sea horse, twin spot lion fish, sea snake, small group of   giant trevally and its resident the beautiful purple fire and blue lined dart goby. Dive is commonly returns to the boat after making a safety stop.