Mainit means hot 5m.-30m. / 16ft.-100ft in depth, around 16 minutes away from the resort by banca boat. Dive here is 99 percent with current because it is adjacent to maricaban strait. The way we do diving here often one way follow the current which flows parallel to the strait and moving west ward and then moved close to the shore upon exit where less to no current is present and where your  banca boat is waiting for you to  pick you up.The current strength sometimes moderate to strong. Visibility is 10m.-20m./33ft.-66ft. on good weather condition.The dive spot has shallow sandy bottom mixed with soft and hard corals and then suddenly drop off to a slope of more than 30m./100ft. deep of water. The drop off is a formation of solid rocks and wall of rocks coated with all kinds of soft corals and surrounded by hovering great barracudas, surgeon fish, blue fin jacks, rainbow runner and tuna fish. Beneath the rocks close to bottom you will see a patrolling  dog tooth tunas and occassionally a  white tip grey reef sharks can be encounter along the way. Ideal for a short drift dive and barracuda watching.