5m.-40m./16ft.-132ft. in depth. Ideal for nitrox and cave diving, about 22 minutes away by banca boat from the resort. It's a shallow reef in the mid ocean just like Bahura but shallow point is bigger than bahura, current can often slight to strong at no fix point direction. Boat man should be familiar with the sight especially for nitrox diving or else you'll end up searching the exact site for your whole dive.Lots of reef fish, chevron barracudas in small groups and rainbow runner near the drop off, shallow area has scattered big rocks formation, it has a dense population soft corals. At 40m./132ft. end of the drop off line situated a big cave for cave diving and nitrox diving. Visibility is 25m. plus on good diving conditions.Since it is an open ocean beware of the strong waves during rainy season or habagat- west winds.