Twin rocks

5m.-15m. / 16ft.50ft. in depth, this place is number one choice of professional underwater photographers, because in just  one small area  around the two big rocks you'll get what you need, a good photos of macro, wide, dome etc.Here you will find a big school of jack fish, three colors of ribbon eel, black and white small frog fish occasionally yellow, a pair of mating devil fish, hundred kinds of nudibranch,some gobbies, annteas,lots of clown and anemone fish with multiple color of anemone, and lots, lots of fish, from big size bat fish and surgeon fish, school of yellow tail barracuda and blue lined snapper fish, rabbit fish and many more. The good thing is you'll find all these in not more 15m./50ft. deep of water.The dive here can be one way or returns to the boat depends on the current that sometime slight to moderate normally moving to the south but switching direction sometimes. Visibility varies from 10m.-20m./33ft.-66ft. Underwater you will see a capsized barge and a two big rocks which is less than one meter apart that resembles its name twin rocks.