Cavan cove

5m.-30m./16ft.-99ft. in depth, about 30 minutes by banca boat from Anilao, no current most of the time inside the cove but slight to moderate out side the cove, visibility varies from 10m.-20m./33ft.-66ft.Thou the  area is like basura it is ideal for open water training especially when rainy season when wind shifts from southwest direction it makes it more glassy calm water inside the cove. Just out side the cove where it is sandy area that portion is good for under water photography such as for macro where you can spot a zebra fish goby, yellow shrimp goby, a devil fish and on the shallow water many yellow or red head bearded goby on staghorn coral, tiger shrimp, purple rhinopias was found here at 30 m. The dive here can often be done by beach entry for training and  entry from boat for fundivers which moves toward the bahay kambing area or return to the boat if you only go Photography. Although not so many big fish but sometimes visit by tunas in midwater it has wide variety of reef fish in the area.