5m.-27m. / 16ft.-89ft. in depth, Darilaut is the nesting ground of the famous mandarin fish and crab eye goby that lots of underwater photographer from many different places dive here just to take picture of these tiny but lovely creatures. About 16 minutes by banca boat south of the resort, diving here is always returns to boat and because of its location generally no current on this dive spot that gives the visibility of 8m.-15m./26ft.-50ft. Darilaut  has a little bit of wreck diving because that  used to be a parking place of a big Floating Casino during the 70's but some how sunk and they salvaged the hull and some valuable parts of it and now some big frames of the upper deck is what left of it. The dive spot has big shallow area by the shore around 3m.-6m./9ft.-18ft. and then suddenly drop off to sandy bottom of 24m./79ft. to 27m./89ft. depth. This area has a school of Bat fish, some snapper and grouper, jew fish, nudibranch. The shallow area has magnificent formation of branching coral where you can find mandarin fish, crabeyed goby, leaf fish, frog fish and juvenile bat fish.