Layag-layag bahura

5m.-30m. / 16ft.-100ft. in depth, 30 minutes by boat from Anilao. The site is current dive most of the time like in Bahura. Visibility is from 10m.-25m./33ft.-82ft. Diving style is one way which usually start from the shallow corner of layag layag area then moved across right side of Bahura keeping it down on side of drop offs to avoid strong surface current and continue your dive by keeping your self low and besides big formation of rocks. On the exit make it altogether after safety stop and the use of marker buoy helps a lot to keep your group monitored  by the boats in the area.The place is abundance in all kinds of reef fish, crossing point of barracuda, big rainbow runner, bonitos, jacks, turtle, giant frog fish tunas and also sharks. On the shallow area you will see a number of nudibranch and some nice looking multi-colored soft corals.