Sombrero Island

8m.-25m./26ft.-82ft. in depth, about 15 minutes from the resort, visibility is from 10m.-25m./33ft.-82ft., with slight to moderate current that flows from any direction but occasionally no current. Sombrero Island is named after the shape of it's Island means (hat). This is one of the best location for beginner divers, under water photographer and generally for all divers. It has thousands of different kinds of fauna, lots of nudibranch where sometimes you see them when they actually mating, lots of small caverns on the drop off side that inhabited by thousands of Red Toothed trigger fish, some grouper, Black Lion fish and lots of annteas that turns the water red occassionally.On the mid water by the drop off side you will see schools of Rainbow Runner, Surgeon fish, Red Fusilier and some Gigantic Puffer fish. Sombrero has wide shallow area around the west side and the bottom is composed of hundreds of big boulders of rocks which is coated of many kinds of marine life. The dive here is usually one way for bigger and longer area coverage. They called this place a coral garden of Anilao.