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Diving services

          Would you like to win on the next Anilao Underwater Photo Shootout? we can guide you to win it in Anilao with our professional macro guides who know critters' environments their foods their habitat and which dive site they can be found. We can guide you here and also with now 55 dive sites in Mabini and Tingloy areas. Batangas are abundant in a wide variety of corals, reef fish, bottom fish, and critters for macro. Most of the diving in the Anilao area consists of coral slopes or steps of small drop-offs and shallow coral gardens among sandy patches. Small critters like shrimps, crabs, Weedy and Lacy Scorpion fishes, gobies are profuse and cronies, and lots of nudibranchs can be found everywhere. Divers and snorkels alike have to contend with some fierce currents sometimes, which are common in this area like Mainit and Bahura. Snorkelers, novice divers, and underwater photographers should check the tide tables and try for slack tide for easy and more enjoyable diving. Anilao is currently number 2 in the whole world when it comes to the Top 10 Macro diving destinations but since it has been declared one of the MPA's or Marine Protected Areas with the help of local Bantay Dagat, the growth in the number of rare critters has been increasing dramatically.

Anilao Diving Package rates

1 scuba dive with boat, guide, tank and weights base on 2 person  is Php 2,500 / pax.
1 scuba dive with boat, guide, tank and weights base on 3 to 5 person  is Php 2,000 / pax.
Solo diving with  guide, boat, tanks and weights is Php 3,500 per dive.
1 on 1 guide or additional guide is additional  Php 1,500 per dive

Shore Dive

Php 1,500 per dive with guide, tank and weights.

Night Dive

Php 3,000 per dive minimum 2 pax
with  flashlight plus Php 400

Black Water Dive

Php 3,500 per dive minimum 2 pax


plus Php 400-32% or 36% per dive

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