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Munida olivarae

Ronilo "RONNIE" M. Corpuz
SSI Instructor 107907
PADI IDCS 463746
Owner / Staff Instructor
Specialty Instructor, EFR instructor trainer.
Email: anilaodivingandresorts@gmail.com; anilaodiving@gmail.com
Cell ph. 0918-369-4227 ; 0923-644-9326

WhatsApp number : +63-9183694227

WeChat number :

Robryans TV : YouTube Channel

Facebook : Facebook Page

          Ronnie has been diving since 1990. He completed his OWSI in June 2001 at Asia Divers in Puerto Galera. Then he became a full-time Operation Manager of Sunbeam Marine Sports - Dive center S-6387 for more than six years where he has to supervise all diving activities like fun dives and teaching scuba dive courses sanctioned by Padi and dive tour guide as well. Eventually, he decided to do things on his own and resigned his position as a resort Operation Manager on April 30, 2006. Ronnie upgraded to IDCS instructor on March 2006 back to Puerto Galera to gain more knowledge of teaching scuba dive courses and assisting course directors to the instructor level of training. Ronnie is the only Anilao based IDCS instructor, so any walked in student or guest in Anilao  Mabini, Batangas area will have no problem obtaining scuba  license or contacting him at any time. Ronnie also love to work in the technical area because he is a webmaster who designed his website and many websites in Anilao dive resorts, he is also a licensed aircraft technician with A/P license and aircraft private pilot license rated on fixed-wing, he completed this two courses at Airlink International Aviation School in Pasay City. Just after his graduation he flew to Micronesia to work as A/P mechanic and later became the Director of Maintenance of Caroline Pacific Air, a small air taxi service base in Chuuk State FSM and later he worked at Macaw Helicopters a sightseeing tour helicopter services base in Saipan. Now Ronnie has his dive shop, located at Unit 4 Marimar Bldg., Pulong Niogan, Mabini, Batangas, where guests or customers can rent or purchase equipment, purchase scuba materials and start the theory part and video presentation of Padi dive certification, He is also affiliated with Asia Diver Makati and Aquaventure White Tip Manila where he gets scuba dive pieces of equipment and other instructional materials. Now Ronnie is currently based and stationed at Isla Water Sports and Resorts Inc., a new resort with a sandy beach and right at the heart of Barangay Anilao Proper near the Pier.



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Anilao Proper, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines
Email: anilaodivingandresorts@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +639183694227



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