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Janolus sp. Anilao, Batangas

           Welcome to Anilao Diving and Resorts, we are inside Isla Water Sports and Resorts Inc., this website was created with three major components the scuba dive courses, fun dives or dive package arrangements and resort accommodations. This a vision of Ronnie Corpuz a IDC staff instructor to share his experience and invite more divers and other tourists around the globe to explore this magnificent diving destination in the Philippines. Anilao is currently the number one in macro photography in the whole Philippine archipelago and number two in the whole world - this is base on the responses of the different divers around the globe who came and visit here the whole year-round.            The reason behind this is because Anilao is included in the Philippines's  MPA Marine Protected Area. The local government of Mabini and Tingloy and NGO's put together an effort to create a CRM Board or Coastal Resource Marine Board to chase out all activities of illegal fishing especially on dive sites and by maintaining good balance and protecting the different coral species from the damage of anchoring Banca boats and to educate the local community in various ways of preserving this wonderful place.           Anilao is located south of Luzon Island and is approximately 140 km. away from Manila or 2.5 to 3 hours by car during normal traffic conditions or depending on how you drive. Currently Anilao has more than 54 dive sites with about 5 to 10 minutes apart or 30 minutes the farthest point from any resorts. It has a wide variety of diving choices, from novices to instructors where you can see different species of corals, big pelagic fish or rare to find critters where on every dive you will surely be satisfied.            Ronnie Corpuz being the full-time instructor and many Padi divemasters to render all the services you need in all aspects of scuba diving. It is also working together with some dive resorts in Anilao to share their dive instructional loads or to let the guest choose their preferred resort choices in terms of their group capacity, lifestyle or diving needs. Now Since April 1, 2017 Isla Water Sports and Resorts is the base resort of Anilao Diving and Resorts dive shop.

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Anilao Proper, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines
Email: anilaodivingandresorts@gmail.com
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